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Vaidya Commitee

Welcome to CAAM Vaidya Committee (CAAM-VC)

Vaidyas” are Ayurveda practitioners who may have trained outside United States, in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, now residing and practicing in California.

CAAM-VC attempts to bring the Vaidyas residing in California under the common umbrella of CAAM. By joining us, Vaidyas can begin to explore opportunities to integrate with California’s existing Ayurveda community, network, and potentially make a greater contribution via their knowledge and experience to the activities of CAAM, to build awareness, credibility and confidence in Ayurveda profession in the state of CA, and to be the significant and proud contributors in legalizing Ayurveda as a profession.

Goals of the Vaidya Committee

  • Support Vaidyas to have a common platform under CAAM to interact, understand and share the scope and standard for Ayurvedic Practice within the regulatory boundaries.
  • Support Vaidyas to share their knowledge and experience in traditional Ayurveda practice under the umbrella of CAAM with fund generation opportunities via:
  1. Continued Ayurveda education programs for Ayurveda practitioners
  2. Mentorship program for Ayurveda students and fresh practitioners
  3. CAAM sponsored Ayurveda events/workshops
  4. Community health education
  5. Internship programs
  • To create, maintain and compile case records with consistency to create a database of Ayurvedic consultations/interventions to support the efforts of CAAM in the licensure process.
  • Create orientation programs for new Vaidyas coming to USA to be effective in this cultural context and also to ensure the practice within the regulatory framework.


We are looking forward to hearing from you,

Dr. Jayarajan Kodikannath, B.Sc., BAMS

Member, CAAM Board of Directors

Chair, CAAM Vaidya Committee

Contact – info@caam-ayurveda.org
(Please add in subject line: CAAM-VC)