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Student Committee

CAAM student committee is a student- governed committee. In this committee, Ayurvedic

Students in CA come together to learn, network and gain valuable experience enhancing their Ayurvedic education.  The CAAM Student Committee supports student leadership and projects to do advocacy work, build relationships with the greater

Ayurvedic community and host annual events.

CAAM-SC project areas: include Legislation, Education, Ayurveda Health Impact, Research and Global Health.

Why should a student join CAAM-SC?

C AAM-SC helps to shape the future of Ayurvedic Medicine in CA by giving students a voice in professional planning. The role of the Ayurvedic profession is evolving in a rapidly changing healthcare paradigm. Student leadership development empowers Ayurvedic students to take action and create change about issues that they care about. The presence of visionary Ayurvedic students has impacted the development of the Ayurvedic profession since its emergence. The Ayurvedic medicine student leaders of today become the professional leaders of tomorrow.