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jtt. 1 California All Schools Council | California Association of Ayurvedic Medicine

California All Schools Council

What is the CASC? Definition, Intention & Function

CASC is a sub-committee set up by a motion of the CAAM Board in 2013 to further the work of its School and Standards Committee.
CASC is not affiliated with any one school, or national organization.

What is the purpose of the CASC?

CASC was formed with the intention of creating a venue for schools to come together, deliberate, take decisions, and move forward our common
goal of State licensure. CASC will serve as a vehicle to drive collaboration and consensus amongst the California Ayurvedic academic
community as CAAM moves forward to work towards a licensure process for our profession.

How does the CASC work?

Membership is for Ayurvedic Schools only, not individual practitioners.

Every school in CA is encouraged to participate in CASC as the experience of each educational entity has valuable insight on
standards development and implementation.

Ayurvedic schools may each nominate one representative to the CASC council.

CASC will host meetings (mostly via teleconference) on a regular basis (approximately every 6-8 weeks) to vote on each step of
how we proceed in developing and implementing CA Standards for Ayurvedic education.

What are the benefits of membership?

Member schools will be a part of a landmark process to figure out the details of how CA develops and implements standards for
Ayurvedic education. As participants, they will be able to ensure the needs and perspectives of their schools are heard and considered.
They will have their “fingers on the pulse” of where we are at with the drive towards licensure. Additionally, schools will receive official CAAM
recognition as a member of CASC via a CAAM Seal of Recognition and listing on the CAAM CASC Website.

How do schools join?

By filling out the simple registration form in the link provided below, in which schools designate a representative and
provide his/her contact information.

Representatives will serve a minimum term of 3 years and be available for meetings by phone (approx. once every two months for one hour).

What about the national organizations working on Ayurvedic education standards?

At present there are national organizations working towards professional standards creation. However, in California,
professional licensure is handled at the level of the State. This means that all Ayurvedic practitioners in California will need to comply with State standards and procedure, irrespective of the standards outlined by national organizations. This also means that CAAM has to demonstrate to CA state authorities that we are a self-regulating profession. This is why CAAM’s role in the licensure process is imperative, and why your participation is important. We are taking our role seriously and we anticipate your cooperation and contribution in the process. We are soliciting the advice, information, and support from the national organizations as we embark on this journey.


CASC is here to drive collaboration and consensus towards State licensure for the practice of ayurveda..

An important part of achieving State licensure for ayurveda is demonstrating ayurveda as a self-regulating profession with standardized education.

CASC will collaboratively decide on CAAM’s approach to developing and implementing CA State education standards for ayurveda.

Every school in CA is assured a seat in the CASC, and one vote in Council deliberation.

We will approach each step of the process in a democratic and inclusive manner.


Questions? Comments? You can reach our CASC Head, Siva Mohan, directly at casc . caam @ gmail . com (without any spaces).

Save the Date: Next meeting is Tuesday, April 19 @ 11am pst

Register Online

This form encompasses the registration process for the California All Schools Council, a venue for California Ayurvedic programs to collaboratively support the California State licensure for Ayurveda.

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School and Program Name *

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