Our Commitees

Description of Committees

Below are a brief descriptions of each committee and what the responsibilities are. If you are interested in learning more about a certain committee or would like to volunteer, email
CAAM Secretary, Romny French at info@caam-ayurveda.org and she will put you in touch with the committee chair.

Executive Committee is the non-profit management and administration committee which tends to the day-to-day healthy administration of our organization. Do you have expertise running a business or a non-profit? Help us create and maintain a health infrastructure to support the growth and longevity of CAAM. If you love to organize, please come and share your precision with us. Includes Finance Subcommittee and Website/Social Media Subcommittees. 

Legal Committee plays a critical role in researching and developing the legislative and legal path to licensing on a state level. Based on the standards developed by the CAAM Standards’ Committee, the Legal Committee will work towards creating the legislation to be presented in the CAAM lobby for state licensing. This Committee will also be responsible for addressing all other legal matters related to CAAM, such as changes in non-profit and healthcare laws and regulations.

Membership Committee performs outreach and marketing to continually grow our membership base of practitioners, students, schools and the general public, as well as work to meet the needs and interests of those members. Do you love to bring different people together and make things happen? Then we need your charisma on the membership team to help bring together all of the voices that make up this wonderful field of Ayurveda!

Liaison Committee supports CAAM’s mission by creating goodwill relationships with State, National and International organizations of common interest as a means to elevate the position of Ayurveda on a broader scale and allow for a symbiotic sharing of knowledge and experience.

Schools and Standards Committee works to unite, organize and empower Ayurveda education statewide. The focus of the Standards Committee is create a statewide standard of education in Ayurveda, launch a CAAM sponsored state level qualifying exam  for students from diverse schools, and create a common platform and education resource base for all schools and learning communities to benefit from. This works in conjunction with CASC (California All Schools Committee).

Fundraising Committee is responsible for seeking additional sources of revenue to support CAAM’s mission. Whether you like fundraising in person, online, or with the art of well written letter – we need your help and creativity!

Events & Conferences Committee plays a key role in helping to event planning on a local and statewide level. We hope to reach out to our community in person by hosting or attending other relevant Events and Conferences. Please join us if the event planner in you is dying to get out!

Student Committee

CAAM student committee is a student- governed committee. In this committee, Ayurvedic

Students in CA come together to learn, network and gain valuable experience enhancing their Ayurvedic education.  The CAAM Student Committee supports student leadership and projects to do advocacy work, build relationships with the greater Ayurvedic community and host annual events.