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To the California Ayurveda Community

From CAAM Legislation Committee |Anupama KizhakkeVeettil


Ayurveda in the United States is ripe for its next phase of expansion, promotion and professional recognition. As the state with the highest number of Ayurveda schools and practitioners, California is at the forefront of this movement.

Since most medical legislation occurs at a state level, CAAM performs a vital function – creating a map that will lead the practice of Ayurvedic Medicine toward state licensing to achieve greater professional status.

The moment has arrived for all of us to take action to harness this incredible potential and commit our time, energy and resources to the promotion of Ayurveda in California and the United States. We are not alone. At this moment, several state organizations in the US – including groups in Colorado and Washington – are growing in their visibility and coalescing around the modern practice of Ayurveda.

California is a free practice state, meaning that Senate Bill 577 allows for the legal practice of complementary and alternative medicine by non-licensed practitioners. But it is our belief that this is no longer sufficient to support the rapidly growing practice of Ayurvedic Medicine in California. We seek not only greater recognition, protection and integration into the healthcare system, but, most importantly, the ability for certified Ayurvedic Practitioners themselves to regulate the future practice of Ayurvedic Medicine.

CAAM is currently the only California statewide organization that is actively working towards the licensing of Ayurveda; therefore, our immediate and organized action is crucial. But we cannot do this without the support of our community.

For the past several months, CAAM has been revitalizing its efforts to promote and expand the awareness and use of Ayurveda in California. Our vision is ambitious. Our board and members are committed. But we need your investment of resources, time and energy. As with all great causes, the more people committed, the greater the possibility of manifesting our vision. 

Committee working Notes:

The Legislation committee plays a critical role in researching and developing the legislative and legal path to licensing on a state level. Based on the standards developed by the CAAM Standards’ Committee, the Legal Committee will work towards creating the legislation to be presented in the lobby for state licensing. This Committee will also be responsible for addressing all other legal matters related to CAAM, such as changes in non-profit and healthcare laws and regulations.

Working goals:

  1. Research and gather information for ayurveda licensure process– Legal committee members are meeting with experts in the fields who have experience in working towards licensure in other CAM professions and different legislators and lobbyist.
  2. Getting consensus from all state level Ayurvedic Colleges for moving towards licensing Ayurvedic Medicine in California– CAAM is already creating a network of colleges. We are working on getting consensus from different colleges for working towards licensure. Within the CAM we created separate committee to work towards this goal. Apart from getting consensus towards licensure, there are several steps involved in this process.

We are planning to develop a common core exam for California state schools, Scope of practice for each level of programs and Standardization of Ayurvedic Education.

  1. Meeting with legislators and lobbyist to discuss licensing process– We are working with legislators and lobbyist in California
  2. Seek additional supports/ resources for this movement– Formal fundraising committee is on the floor to launch with explicit purpose for fundraising for licensure. Fund raising through conferences is been undertaken by CAAM to develop funds for licensure process
  3. Setting criteria for licensing process– This is being developed
  4. Involve in creating a legislation to be presented in the lobby – This is being developed
  5. Provide all legal related information/resources for Ayurvedic practice in US