California All Schools Council

What is the CASC? Definition, Intention & Function

The California All Schools Council has been formed in 2013 by a motion of the CAAM Board of Directors as a vehicle to drive collaboration amongst the California Ayurvedic academic community as CAAM moves forward to work towards a licensure process for our profession.

CASC is not affiliated with any one school, or national organization. It is it’s own entity, and it’s creation was with the intention of creating a non-partisan, truly democratic venue for academic bodies in California to come together and move towards our common goal of State licensure.

All California Ayurvedic Schools are invited to be members in this council, and we highly encourage all schools to join as the experience of each educational entity has valuable insight on standards and curricula and testing for Ayurveda. Membership is free. If you have not received an invitation and have an Ayurvedic educational venue in California, please fill out the registration form below to join. In order to be maximally inclusive, we guarantee a seat and a vote to all Ayurveda Schools in the State of California.

Although there are various organizations that are working at the national level towards professional standards creation, professional licensure is handled at the level of the State. This means all Ayurvedic practitioners in California, will need to comply with California State standards and procedure, irrespective of the standards outlined by national organizations . This is why CAAMs role in the licensure process is imperative, and why your participation is important.

CASC’s goal is to gather existing work on professional standards from the national organizations and, with the collaborative participation of members, create a CA professional standard for Ayurvedic practice. Once a standard is created, testing and accreditation processes will follow. This will enable us to show the State that we are a self-regulating profession, and thereby contribute towards our claim for State Licensure.


Questions? Comments? You can reach our CASC Head, Siva Mohan, directly at casc . caam @ gmail . com (without any spaces).